There are so many lessons to take from last night. I’m actually thrilled with the effort that I put in, but there’s still much I could have improved on. I’ll break down the lessons without getting into what happened the whole night. That can be summarized as: we went to the club, we opened a bunch of sets, we went home. Now, here’s what matters.


*I did a fantastic fucking job of maintaining a good attitude and approaching a lot. Right in the beginning I was especially outgoing. I was grabbing sets left and right, going in regardless of the situation, having a fucking blast. I loved it, it felt so damn good! Which leads to the next point.

*I can’t seem to keep this energy going for extended periods of time. Even when I do everything right, even when I keep approaching and having fun, I seem to crash at about the 90 to 120 minute mark. My brain shuts down, I cease to have genuine fun, I feel like a zombie. So that sucks. But I have faith that as I continue going out my brain will rewire and I’ll be able to stay in that fun zone longer. It’s not even like state so much as me just enjoying myself. Once that clicks off my approaches tend to go downhill.

*I used the VIP section to my advantage. My buddy who got us in knows seemingly half the promoters at at the club, and the light guy, so we got to stand by the DJ booth. I mentioned in this report that I failed to take advantage of social proof last time. I guess I was just expecting girls to come up and suck my dick or something. I don’t know. This time I had a more realistic picture. You still have to open and be cool, but everything is just 4x easier. That being said, I fucked up when a girl asked me:

So why are you in the VIP section?”

My dumbass, logical, boring, unmysterious answer: “Well I know my friend who knows the light guy so we just sort of hopped up here and now we’re chilling”

I ought to be put down for saying something so lame. Next time I go with:

Me! Why the fuck are you here? SECURITY!” or “I just ended up here, it’s where I belong” or “I don’t like being with the “normal people”, they drag me down.”

Anything but that horrible, logical answer that I gave. It killed the vibe. I ended up making out with her anyways but I lost the set. I took too long to go for the makeout and I killed the excitement by being so logical. To my credit, I did have a plan to seed the pull and make it happen, but then she left to the bathroom and never came back. Twenty minutes later I saw her making out with another dude. Ouch.

*We actually planned to pregame at a club in Meatpacking then head over to the next place. I got there early, got stamped, chilled on the couch and listened to my audiobook. However, what I failed to do is introduce myself to the door guy. I had a great chance to do it but I feel like some limiting beliefs stopped me. I believe he doesn’t want to be my friend, and I believe it’s strange to do with other people watching. Fuck these shitty beliefs. I go in, I make myself known, I get the introduction. I plan on going to this club once or twice a week for the foreseeable future, I’ve got to develop some sort of relationship with the door guys.

*Also, the door guy at the second club of the night is a fucking douche. He’s impervious to friendship from what I gather. However, impossible is nothing. How can you befriend a guy like this? How can I add value to his life so that he let’s me into the fucking nightclub? Some outside of the box thinking is required.

*I met this cool Italian girl last night. We talked a bunch, took a picture together, me and my wingman even pulled her entire group to his promoter’s table. However, I fucked up by failing to seed the idea that she should come out with me in the future. I learned that she already knew a promoter and I basically thought: this girl already knows promoters, she’ll never want to go out with me. Fuck that! She’ll want to go out with me because I’m fucking awesome. I’m cooler and more attractive than other promoters (if not now then soon). I basically have to train myself to not accept any excuses. No matter what the situation, and now unlikely it seems, I always give the girl the chance to go out with me.

*Despite the multiple fuckups, I actually had a really decent night at at the club. I approached a Titanic-load of sets, I had fun, I made out with a girl, I pushed myself hard. This felt good, especially compared to my first night here when I got fucking destroyed. As I mentioned, I was also able to make better use of social proof this time. I made out with a girl and was getting ready to go for the pull. This came on the back of fucking up my social proof situation last time.

*Getting girls at table heavy clubs is lifting the fucking heavy weights. The girls don’t usually leave tables, they don’t want to talk to you because they might piss their promoter off, they don’t perceive you as high value if you don’t have your own table, Etc. It’s a challenging environment. Swim in this deep ocean for a while then go back to a place like Le Bain and it feels like frolicking in the shallow end.