I don’t have good things to say about tonight. I went to the club, stayed for half an hour, opened two sets,  left. My immediate response is to feel shitty about myself but I don’t think that the long term implications of doing so are productive. I think it’s better to say something like learned a lesson, going home after only doing two bad sets feels like hell. Next time stick it out, do more. It’s a long train ride back when you feel like you didn’t give it everything you have.

I can say that the club sucked though. Lots of dudes. I probably would have opened more if there were just more sets to open. So partially the environment but I’ll take 80% of the responsibility. This means that tomorrow I have to go out and do better. I’m meeting up with my wingman for some Meatpacking antics and I expect good things. Let’s rock.


*Biggest takeaway: I still have to follow my rules for a good night. I didn’t open within the first ten minutes and my night went shitty because of it. I need to open quickly to establish a good night, especially on nights like tonight when I was out of the zone to begin with.