Today I did something that I’ve never done before. Coming out of the movie theater I was texting my wingman when I saw a cute girl walk past. She stopped a few feet away so I went and said hi. We talked for about 10 minutes and I kissed her several times. That’s a first kiss I’ve ever gotten from a daygame approach. Here’s the kicker though, I had enough game to do that but not enough that the girl would come with me to my wingman’s place for a few beers. My belief just wasn’t strong enough and I could feel a few points in the interaction where I strayed somewhat from my core. For lack of a better way of explaining. Give me six months though and I’ll have those quirks ironed out.

Met up with my wingman for a few beers then we went to a spot in midtown. Opened most of the sets there, one girl stands out. Skinny, tall and cute. I opened her and she was giving me nothing. Kept plowing, more nothing. So I left and then came back five minutes later to open again. Now she gives me more, lots of smiles. I keep plowing, we dance a bit, grind some. Her friend comes up so I talk to the friend for a second and in that second some guy comes up and starts grinding with my girl. She seems to be into. So I have a couple of options.

  1. Ignore it, keep talking to the friend and wait for the guys to leave.
  2. Leave the set.
  3. Try to pull my girl away from the guys.

I opt for number one. I wait till the guys are chilling then I go in, hold out my hand to the girl to dance again. She shrugs me off, gives me ice. I don’t handle this well, I get in my head, the set dies soon after that.

OK, so first I have to mention the major positive. I reopened her, I plowed a lot, I kept going and going even when she gave me ice. I trusted in myself, the attraction and my instincts. That was all super solid, mad props. Where I fucked up was letting those guys burn me down. I should have stayed physically closer to my girl. Failing that, I should have done a stronger reapproach after the guys started milling around. My approach was soft and easy to blow out. This girl is obviously used to being hit on, she’s attractive, she wants some strong male awesomeness.


*Game man. The more I do it the more I draw state from myself. I’ve been slammed and keep getting slammed by girls so many times that I can’t help but love myself. I’m the only constant. Her attention, her flirting, even her sucking my dick, that’s all temporary. I mentioned Danish girl from last night, she never replied on Facebook. Cute street girl didn’t text me back till the next day even though we had a solid vibe. Cute girl at the bar blew me out for one bad move even though a majority of what I did was solid. I’m not angry or complaining, I’m just saying that when you go out and put yourself on the line, this shit happens over and over. You can become bitter or you can decide to keep getting better and to reward yourself and give yourself massive props for taking action.

*Approaching is getting to a point where it’s mechanical and easy. I’ve done it so many times that it feels effortless. It’s funny, I’ve been saying that for a while but now it’s starting to reach a deeper level. I can do good approaches when I’m out of state, when I’m tired, when I just got two harsh rejections in a row, etc. My emotions are playing less of a role in how I approach game, I can be more calculating about it.

*I wouldn’t trade these experiences for the world. After fifteen months of cold approach I’m a significantly different person. On top of all of the game related stuff, I’m simply less afraid to express myself and I enjoy talking to people more. These are things that money cannot buy.