I have a theory about what separates the guys who get good at game from all the other guys who don’t reach their desired level. The guy who gets good is the guy who does the most difficult thing, over & over & over. That translates to doing the most difficult approaches, continually busting through your comfort zone, and in a more general sense: getting to the club month in and month out. Tonight I was that guy. With both of my roommates (wingmen) staying in, it would have been insanely easy to not go out. But it’s Friday, it’s my last weekend in Kiev, fuck man…

I got to the club about midnight. Within a few minutes I talked to my first girl. Terrible response. I soon talked to another. She smiled and was nice, but she was totally unattractive to me. I bounced. Went looking for more, opened another girl and she quickly blew me off. Opened another, blew me off. Opened another, she wouldn’t even speak to me. It hurt man, I felt like a fucking loser. I danced a few more minutes then left. Total time in club: 1 hr.

I have mixed feelings. I feel really fucking good that I went out solo in a foreign city and kept approaching, despite very few positives signs. I feel like an outcast because I was out friendless, getting rejected, in a club filled with people in big groups.

I want to write paragraphs about how Ukrainian culture is closed off and cold approach pickup is hard here. Hell, it probably is but there’s no point bitching. It’s simply this: don’t wish the game was different, wish you were better. I wasn’t doing horrible approaches, but they were far from great. First night out at a Ukrainian bar in my life though so kudos all around.


*Tonality was not great, keep it low and good. Same thing for voice projection, should have been louder.

*Need to approach more. Easy to say after the fact, difficult to do in the moment.

*Probably should have stayed with unattractive girl for a while, talked some in Russian, gotten in the social mood. She could have been my homebase for the night.