I snuck into a coworking space in Manhattan yesterday, which is surprisingly easy to do. I used to work in this building so I know how it works. But seriously, you could probably sneak into one of these places for months without getting caught. They were having a networking event which I stole some cookies from. Then I opened the cute blonde girl sitting next to me.

Me: “Hey, you know they’ve got cookies over there?”

Her: “Yeah they look good! But I’d have to walk past all those people, I’m not sure I want to do that.”

Me: “What are you, anti-social?” Said with a smile.

We ended up talking for about twenty minutes. She moved her seat to be closer to me and I felt good. By the end though I noticed myself getting sucked into her frame. God that sounds like such a weird, pickup way of expressing shit. Basically it came down to this: what she was talking about didn’t interest me, I wanted to switch things up. But I didn’t. I didn’t move the conversation in a different direction that would have allowed me to make it more interesting for both of us, like I would have if I was two beers buzzed. Cool girl though, I added her on Facebook.

Later on I got on the subway and saw a cute girl sitting down with space beside her on the bench. I had my headphones in and we went a stop while I thought about the situation. The anxiety I felt about talking to her is exactly what I feel in the club (or used to feel, it’s not really there as much anymore). I figure that since I get over the club anxiety every single time (there’s maybe one night in my entire career where I’ve chickened out of approaching all together) I can get over this. I take my headphones out, sit down next to her and ask her how her day is going.

Great! How about yours?”

And we start talking. And she was very nice and sweet. And nobody came and bashed my skull in with a club. And nobody even stared. And I felt really fucking good. I think that it’s the first time in my life that I’ve ever opened a girl, on the subway, without being with my fellow conspirators in pickup. I’ve opened on the platform before but never on the train. I think I did it because I knew I was getting off in one stop anyways and no matter what the fuck happened we would only be talking for ninety seconds.

That was that. I went home and watched movies, feeling fantastic about myself! I did something that for the first time in my life, I love it. However, I’m noticing that with this 30 day challenge I’m often thinking about how I can put the minimum amount of time talking with girls and get the fuck out so I can go home and lead my life. I know it’s not the right attitude, I know I should take a break, but fuck it. Ten days left, I’ll do it. Then I’ll go back to my regular schedule of 5 or 6 nights a week, where I actually end up spending more time at the club in a given week because I have time to recharge and I have the go hard or go home attitude.