Last night I got food poisoning and puked my soul out into the club’s bathroom. I also had the most successful game night of my life. Not in terms of results, but in terms of how I felt. Something has clicked and the following is the result.

If you read my reports you know that I have a rule for every single night. Open the first set. So walking into the first bar of the night I approach two girls and do a standard opener that I’ve used a dozen times. “Hey, I’m looking for my friend. He’s tall, dark and handsome. He’s from Portugal and sounds like Borat. Have you seen him?” They say no. They always say no. One day though, when I go out with a wing who opens as much as me, I will find girls who know him and that will be funny.

I find Alex, we say what’s up and he goes in for a drink. I tell him about the two girls I just opened and he suggests we reopen them. I say sure, he pays for the drink, we turn around and there are two girls who look just like them. I’m not positive it’s them, but I make eye contact with the one girl, she smiles in recognition, and I bring in my friend who sounds like Borat. He takes the cute one and I talk to the slightly less attractive one. Immediately it’s obvious that we have chemistry. She’s exactly the type of girl I enjoy talking to and can genuinely get along with in the long term. Grade A girlfriend material. Probably not the type who often does one night stands, but definitely the type who I would enjoy spending lots of time with. We vibe and vibe and after twenty minutes I get her number. This is the most solid number close I’ve had in ages. If I ask her to meet up she will. They have to work in the morning and leave.

What set this interaction apart was how I was screening her. I was actively judging this girl to see if she lived up to my standards (which I created about 24 hours ago, no more cave trolls). This is what made the interaction so well. Man, what a powerful concept.

We go to Biergarten and my wingman selfie closes Howard Stern. I speak a few words of Russian to a Turkish dude then we bounce.

Changing Venues

We go to the club and I open and open again and open again. I’m using a new kind of opener. It’s based on Luke game. Essentially I’m disqualifying the girl without overlying negging her. For example I walk up to a very tall woman decked out in a slender dress and say “I’m sorry but you don’t have enough pink on. I’m going to have to tell the club about you and they’re going to ask you to leave. In fact you’ll probably be asked to leave New York.” This works. Why does it work? Because I’m screening her and qualifying her and I think what I’m saying is funny as shit.

At some point the night slows down and I tell my wingman Fuck this! I’m going to open three sets in one minute. The idea is not to stay in, it’s just to open. Previously this would have been impossible. Without a gun to my head I couldn’t have done it. This time, with minimal willpower I did it. It took me about one minute thirty seconds and I had it done. It felt good.

I get food poisoning from a slice of pizza and puke my heart out into the toilet. Then I do more approaches.

Twenty minutes later I’m sitting outside when I see my wingman walk out with two girls. Getting my buddy laid immediately overrides everything. I go over and begin talking to the fairly crazy, fairly drunk, fairly ugly friend. Interesting human being, the type of person you expect to meet in New York. My wingman begins making out with his girl. We go back inside, I think we’re about to leave so I get my bag and coat from the lady behind the counter. Then the girls change the plan and they pull me and my wing back into the fray. Up to this point it’s definitely a good night, but not exceptional. The following makes it exceptional. I’m standing there with my loony drunk woman when I open a girl next to me. I don’t give a fuck about her. I say something retarded and look away. She opens me, and opens again. Then my loony friend talks to her and tells her something that I don’t catch.

The girl looks at me, grabs me, pulls me to the dance floor and we start making out. She’s raping my mouth while I stand there, almost completely indifferent to this because she’s pressed against my stomach that still hurts and mostly I just want to sleep off my pizza poisoning. We continue to make out, she says I look high, I agree. She continues to mouth rape me. I am so indifferent it’s nuts. At some point I rather lamely say do you want to get out of here? She says she has to stay with her friends. Normally at this point my brain would engage and I would start solving obstacles so I could pull. But I’m starting to feel like I’m about to puke again and I care more about that then getting my dick wet. I get her number and leave, walking past my wingman who is getting into a taxi with his girl. That was the night. I didn’t pull but I was dead sober and I enjoyed tangible attraction with two girls. What a fantastic feeling, and made all the better by not having any alcohol influence. The more I go out, the more I enjoy doing it sober. Here are the notes.

A. The approaches I did were more solid in part because they had substance. I challenged the girls a bit. I disqualified them. I did something most guys didn’t do. This is 101 stuff for anyone with even a bit of game, but I’m just getting into it now.

B. I got that makeout because of social proof. That silly woman said 20 words to this girl, the girl grabbed my hand, pulled me to the dance floor and we made out. That’s powerful shit. I have to start consistently going out with women. The goal will not be to see how many wingmen I can accumulate, but how many wingwomen. I want to get to the point where I’m pissed if I have to go out without a girl.

C. A concept from The Rational Male is that girls like guys who are mysterious. Or rather, girls don’t want to know the answer, they want to come up with what they think is the correct answer. This applies to last night when the girls asks me what’s in my backpack. At first I refuse to answer and say drugs. She gets turned on and keeps pestering me. Finally I say, it’s my work stuff. I have my laptop. It was like I slapped in her the face. Mystery gone, she backs away and is immediately less interested. The mystery and aloofness was fun, the concrete answer was not.

D. The baseline for all of this to happen is rudimentary stuff. Being at ease in a loud, nightclub setting. Having good eye contact. Being comfortable opening girls. And so on. As I really hammer down these basic skills and lose my remaining 20% of anxiety about opening and talking to girls, I expect great things to happen.

E. Feeling good about myself without getting results is interesting. On one hand it’s the longest I’ve gone without getting laid since I started going out six months ago. That obviously sucks and doesn’t logically make sense since my game is much better now. However, based on everything I’ve seen I have absolute faith that things are going to come together and at some point I’m going to be getting laid all that I want. When that happens the next step will be to raise the quality of girl I’m with.

F. My wingman has been in NYC for about a week and he’s pulled three times already. However, it makes sense. He’s 30, he’s very grounded and has lots of life experience. Men get better as they age. As I think about my last six months in game, I don’t ever remember going out with someone who was better than me who was not also older. The best wings I’ve gone out with have all been from 26 to 30. I know that by the time I reach that age I’ll be slaying it.