Last night we went to a high end club and got destroyed. I opened maybe a dozen sets, maybe fifteen, and little of it went well. I’m used to getting decent reactions but last night I felt like a leper. I was out with an experienced wingman and he felt the same way, he couldn’t get his sets to open either.

Lifting the heavy weights” I told him. “If you’re not at a table you’re a walking piece of of shit.”

Harsh but that’s how it felt. Tough night. Not as bad as that time I felt like drinking anti-freeze after going to another high end club, but right up there. We left there and went to a local bar. Hardly any sets. Opened maybe once or twice, everything was off. I told my wingman,

Whatever it is, that it that girls like, I don’t fucking have it right now.”

Last try, went to a final bar. One last set. Two girls sitting down. I really, really didn’t fucking want to do that set. I did that set. They blew me off in less than 20 seconds and they weren’t nice about it. That was it, night over. Fuck girls, fuck getting laid, fuck self development, fuck growth. Done, done, done… Haha for like one night. Today is the 20th and my calendar tells me that tonight will only be the 4th time I haven’t gone out so far this month. That’s impressive.


*I have no notes. Mostly my brain still hurts. I brought nothing home with me yesterday, I left it at the club. I know that long term these draining nights improve my game like no other, but in the very short term they sting.