Sick song. Today I did some daygame with one of my wingman. We wondered all over Union Square and opened a bunch of sets. I’m going to give myself massive props because I opened a lot and most of the sets went well. It was probably the most enjoyable session of daygame I’ve ever done, besides Ukraine at any rate.

Girl from my Hometown

I opened her and I immediately read the vibe that she was caught off guard and thought I was some kind of weirdo. I calibrated to that, explained myself and we went on to have a solid conversation. The whole thing felt natural and awesome. At the end I asked if she wanted to continue the conversation later, got her number and she left.

Uber Cute Girl

Tall, skinny, tan, confident, great face. All around cool girl and I was just able to hold my shit together with her. She had to leave after five minutes, asked her if she wanted to meet up later and she said yes. Took her number, texted her a few minutes later, someone replied saying I had the wrong number. That was disappointing.

First Girl of the Day

A ten minute conversation and I think by the end I had won her over. She falls into that sweet spot where she’s cute enough to sleep with but not cute enough that I can’t fully express myself and be awesome. I got her Facebook and I’m going to do my damnedest to get her out on a date with me.

Older Lady

From a distance I thought she was like 25 but when I got up close I could see she was closer to 40. I stayed with her for a while anyways and by the end I was completely fucking owning it and I think there’s a decent chance I could have taken her home right then. But she just wasn’t cute enough. I’m not very picky but I do have a line I’m not willing to cross. Of course it’s easy to say that I could have taken her home and it’s an entirely different thing to actually do it. But it was one of those sets that just come together so well that you know from experience, more often than not something will happen.

Pickup Guy

Saw a random guy do an approach so I hit him up afterwards and we talked about game. Traded numbers, maybe we’ll meetup sometime. It’s cool to see other guys out there.

Overall Thoughts

I’ve never gotten laid from daygame so I don’t have a great idea about how to make it work right. The good news is that my daygame approaches have gotten much, much better. I have no doubt that if I did nothing but daygame for a month I would learn a bunch, get laid once or twice and it would be cool. But am I willing to give up night game for that? Not yet, maybe someday.