I wish that tonight had gone better and I think the best way to do this is look at what I could have improved. In general, if I’m learning nothing else it’s that you must generate your own good emotions. There is simply no other way. If you’re looking at the girl for good reactions / validation you will get it sometimes and you’ll even get laid. However, you won’t reach a high level in game, of this I’m sure.

German Girl

I mentioned the German girl who I met on the subway last night. Man I texted her today and she responded in 30 seconds, it was great. Then, in the space of 6 texts, I managed to completely fuck it up to the point she didn’t even respond. I accept full responsibility for this. My text game is lacking, to put it mildly. My deal is meeting women and taking them home that night, no texting involved. However, at some point I am going to have to figure this out. I’ll attach the text-convo as an example of anti-game.

Belgium Girl

At the club I see my wingman talking to two girls. I go sit next to one, she’s cute. I’m relaxed and I feel good but it slowly peters out. I have no idea why. Maybe she could sense that I wanted to go for the makeout but I was nervous? Not acting through my own intentions. If I could redo this I would go for the makeout. I want to lose sets because I took a risk, not because they peter out.

Asian Girl

We opened some Asian girls and mine seemed to like me. However, they bounced after 5 minutes. Should have tried to move them to a new area.

Tall Blonde Girl

Really cute, I was digging her. But the conversation didn’t seem to go anyplace. I’ll probably have to accept responsibility for this because I didn’t know where I wanted the conversation to go.

Other Tall Blonde Girl

Talking, talking and I was getting close to the makeout but she kept moving her head. I did the right thing and started leading her towards the dance floor. She was going to come with but the friend grabbed her and pulled her away. Otherwise I think I could have made out with her. If I could do it again, after the friend blocked, I would move her just a few feet away and then just go all the way for the makeout, forget the friend.

In General

I feel that I need to be leading more. I don’t think I can possibly stress the importance of this enough. Lead the conversation, lead physically, lead in the direction that I want which is ultimately the pull. I’d like to really hammer this home and more importantly, I’d like to make it a habit to lead even in situations where I don’t think she’ll follow.

Learning game is a mindfuck for me because I’ll have a crazy experience like Saturday night, and then I expect to keep performing on that level. I go out and feel like my mindset is in the right place, my posture and eye contact are good, my approaches are solid. But something is different and things don’t click. It’s frustrating because I feel like a dog chasing a toy on a string. He catches it for a second then it gets yanked away again. At this point though there’s simply no way I’m quitting. I’ve got my teeth sunk into this thing and it’s either get good at game or die. That sounds drastic but it’s the truth. I’ve come way too far to not keep going.