My goal tonight was to get out of the house and open one or two girls. Inside the first bar I opened the only set and she was cute. The first 15 seconds were unsure, then I set the frame of awesome and we both started vibing. Very strong eye contact, massive pupils, it was on from the beginning. However, for whatever reason her sister immediately started hating on me. Honestly, she was being a bitch. I very rarely use this word to describe a girl, but in this circumstance I will. My girl liked me, she had just broken up with her boyfriend, I was being cool, and the bitchy sister even had a boyfriend. But she couldn’t accept that and she said loudly and repeatedly that:

You look like you have a small ballsack.”

Swell. So my cute girl who was into me starts being swayed by the sister and the whole group leaves. How could I have won in that situation though? If I could do it over I would do this: as soon as I sensed the hate coming from the sister I would tell my girl:

Tell your sister that I’m gay”

Then I can ruthlessly flirt with my girl and hopefully not be hated on so much by the sister or friend. I can also probably join the whole group and do whatever they’re doing.

After they left I went to the only other bar open on a Sunday. Inside, one set of three girls, one of them is very cute. I open but I chicken out on focusing exclusively on the cutest girl and instead play it safer (bitch the fuck out like a little bitch) and talk to the whole group. I do this for two minutes and then bounce. I should have put it all on the line and just gone for the cute girl, instead of trying to do the whole group. Stupid.


*There’s an idea that’s been rattling around in my head a lot. Some very successful PUA said:

You shouldn’t be acting any differently in set than you would normally”

I’ve been considering the implications of this and it seems to be good advice. Obviously in set you may be more polarizing than you would be with your grandma, but I think that in general you should be acting about the same. Otherwise it seems like you’re putting on a song and dance act for girls, in other words trying. I’m still thinking about this though, it’s an interesting idea.