There was one interaction that was particularly interesting last night. In the bar for 47 seconds when I see a very cute brunette. I open and she immediately makes it difficult for me. She was dismissive, she didn’t give me any positive encouragement, she started browsing her phone. But she never left, and she never told me to leave. Her behavior was all a test. Could I plow through and make the interaction go well, even though she was giving me loads of shit? Could I hold my frame and generate enough good emotions on my own, so that I didn’t need any signs from her?

Interactions like these are what get me addicted to game. It’s fascinating to feel the flow of the conversation, understand what’s happening and battle it out for all it’s worth. I was close to getting her to buy into my frame but I couldn’t quite do it. I went into my head, I questioned myself, I took things at face value, the set was done. I went and found my wingman and told him about the beautiful women in Ukraine, then we opened some girls and got into it.

The rest of the night I acted in a belligerent fashion. I was bold, I didn’t give a fuck, I opened everything in sight. I met some random RSD guys. At one point one of the guys put his arms around the two girls I was talking to. I didn’t like this but I wasn’t really sure how to handle it in the moment. In retrospect I would do this: grab the hand of the girl I like, spin her, subtly move her around so that we’re facing away from the RSD dude and it would be awkward for him to open her again. Although, if this guy was better at game, he wouldn’t have tried to win over both my girls. He would have done what a wingman is supposed to do and talked to one of them while I talked to the other.

I have two frames that I’m reinforcing every night I go out: I’m the prize She’s a nympho. The first is an obviously true statement, I just have to convince myself of it. The second gives me permission to take risks and make it sexual because she loves it.

First Night Back

Last night was my first time going out at night in three weeks, apart from this abortion of a night in Kiev. All in all I kicked fucking ass. I really enjoyed my interactions, I enjoyed talking to my wingman, I even enjoyed meeting four random RSD guys who were clueless but fun. Tonight I’m going to my favorite club in NYC with my very talented and outgoing wingman. How much better can life get?