Here’s how it went. Showed up at the club, walked around and didn’t see my wingmen. Opened a girl and ended up staying with her for twenty or thirty minutes. I was in a sweet zone of not chasing and she started investing into me. A lot. The less I talked, the more I held strong eye contact, the more and more she qualified herself. This is what I’m working towards! I see brief glimpses of it sometimes but last night was an excellent example of the potential.

She had a boyfriend and she ended up leaving, but I think that with a few simple tweaks I could have kissed her. At one point there was so much sexual tension in the air you could have bottled it and solid it to virgins in India. However, I diffused it by trying to kiss her at the wrong moment. Next time I’m going to let this tension build as high as it will fucking go.

There was another cute girl, later on, and I saw some signs from her so I went for the makeout after three minutes. Wrong move, basically blew the set. I’m really happy that I went for it though, I’d always rather risk it then not go for it and feel shitty.

I can say that my biggest sticking point at the moment is understanding sexual pressure, windows, and when to go for the makeout. There are times I lose sets because I don’t kiss her and she wants to get sexual. So she finds another guy who will pull the trigger. Other times I lose it by being too hasty. I’ve been honing in on this for months and I still feel like I’m tying my shoe laces, I haven’t even stepped on the court yet.


*Investment based game where she’s doing the talking and chasing me isn’t flashy. I’m not saying witty things, cracking jokes, doing a bunch of polarizing statements or whatever. So it’s basically opposite of all that “cool” stuff you see in pickup videos. But it’s effective! And it’s the point I’m aiming towards because it’s real game. The girl, chasing me, getting so invested in me that she doesn’t want to leave. Taking this to a high level is going to be powerful.

*To make this happen I think that one thing I can do is go into set high energy and get the ball rolling the first few minutes. Then I start to back off and let her keep it rolling.

*Last night, for about forty-five minutes, I felt like I was expressing myself in a very congruent manner. My words were clear and on point. Then that faded and I could feel myself slip back into a sub-par place. My words felt cloudy and metallic. It’s interesting to notice it though. You can’t really notice it if you have no comparison, but once you’ve been in that sweet spot you can recognize when you slip out. I trust that in the future I’ll spend more time authentically expressing myself and the results will be better because of it.

*At this point a major reason that I’m going out and putting all this time into pickup is because I’m addicted to the growth. I see myself becoming more confident, more grounded and expressing myself in a more authentic fashion. It’s really fucking cool because it transcends pickup and makes my life better on a daily basis. Of course the girls are great too, but even when I’m not pulling much (it’s been a month or so?) I’m still really happy. I love the experience, the challenge and doing the work for the sake of doing the work.

*I’ve noticed that my nights are getting consistently better. I’m having long interactions with women and getting blown out far less.