Amazing dub-electro-sexytime field report reading music. In some sense, last night was the best I’ve ever done. I felt a freedom in expression that I’ve never experienced before. I handled difficult situations well and every set hooked. It was really a hell of a thing and relates to this concept: good, great and world class. To reach world class takes massive commitment and practice. In my lifetime I’m aiming for it in just two areas, pickup and writing. I aim to be great at BJJ (which I haven’t started yet) and German. I’ll probably be good at lots of things, those are not as important. The world class aspect is what matters. Nobody cares about the guy who is average, he might as well sell hotdogs in Chinatown.

In the last several weeks I’ve been consistently good at generating attraction and holding a solid conversation. However…. My game lacks structure. I’ll have gold conversations but because I don’t check for logistics, seed the pull or set up a date, nothing ends up happening. My outergame, the nuts and bolts, is now my weakest link. I have consistent opportunities with women but fail to make shit happen. I must seek out information on how to fix this.

This is especially important given that I would have liked to have pulled last night. Every girl I talked to for more than six and a half minutes I would have slept with. I was never put into a situation, like last night, where I couldn’t make up my mind. One girl was especially attractive and I just barely, barely kept my shit together. I was able to stay out of my head and keep it all going nicely. This shows progress, traditionally a girl this cute would have cut me down.

Another set stands out, first of the night, Biergarten. Two women are sitting down, I open and I’m not expecting it to last. Based on how it opens, the physical location of the girls, it being the first set, me finding her attractive, I expect everything to blow up. But it doesn’t, we talk for nearly half an hour. I go for the kiss multiple times, I take her number, it was solid. And this in itself shows massive progress. Even just a month or two ago, this set would have crumbled. I can’t take all the credit though, I have to give a shout-out to my awesome wingmen. He’s capable with women and that made the difference. If his girl lost interest she would have taken mine away.

Goodnumber Hunting

I picked up three numbers last night. The first came from the first set of the night that I just mentioned. After those girls left we went back and started flirting with their remaining friends. This went well and I suggested that I see my girl home. She was not having this so I took her number. I didn’t even have time to save it before I was in set with the really beautiful girl. When she left I got her number, erasing the other girl’s number in the process. My wingman chided me for this and he’s right to do so. But the reality is that I’ll never see any of them again. A set has to be so fucking solid for a number to not flake. Cold approach is difficult! Take the first set of the night, it was grade A. If that lady was my coworker or in my college dorm, she’d be begging me for my number. But that’s not the case, it’s cold approach and this changes the dynamic. Even though I got her number and texted her, no reply.

It’s all good though. Last night there were so many situations that went amazing, that normally wouldn’t have, that it’s impossible to ignore the growth.


Logistics are stacked against you on a Wednesday night. Every girl I talked to had to work in the morning. So that’s a big buzzkill. However, in general I have to consciously make that effort to think ahead and a plan. What are the logistics, is she ready to be pulled, what about the friend? And so forth. I’m getting caught up in the moment, which is good because I’m not stuck in my head,  but without a plan I just end up losing them. I must correct this.