Out with the whole crew last night. Unfortunately not enough sets to keep us busy. Having four guys on a weekend is awesome but on a Wednesday night it’s maybe not the best. We went to my favorite club and found two more guys who I used to go out with a lot. They joined the group and it ended up being six of us, heading to a bar that didn’t have enough sets for two. Still, a fun night, I enjoy hanging out with everyone.

I talked to an English woman for a few minutes and it was borderline. I sort of felt like I deserved her and sort of didn’t. She was awfully cute, smart and a manager of her group of people. After 5 minutes she decided to leave me but she was hesitant. I could see that she wasn’t sure whether to stay or go. It was a perfect reflection of my own thinking, me not being 100% sure about whether I deserved her. In retrospect, I would hold her for longer, quash objections about wanting to get back to the friends, take her to a corner where her coworkers couldn’t see us and go for the makeout.

That was honestly the only memorable set of the night. Mostly just chatted with the guys. I texted the girl from last night but she didn’t reply. I blame myself, I asked her,

Hey, how was work today?

The thing about this text is that it’s fucking boring and makes me look like every other chode in existence. It does nothing to reinforce the idea that I’m the cool guy that she’s been looking for. So I’m going to strike this text from the face of the planet and only do more interesting follow up texts.

In other news, still talking to the girl I made out with at the Halloween party and she says she’s down to get a drink this weekend. We have a solid vibe and I think there’s a good chance I can pull her. We’ll see what happens.