My wingman threw a Halloween party last night, I didn’t dress up. Felt self conscious for a while but got into it and had a blast. By the end we had approached every girl there. One of my other wingmen pulled his first set. He’s an animal and his vibe is amazing. I kissed 4 or 5 girls, which is a new record.

Girls respond better when it’s a social circle situation, versus cold approach

What surprised me is that there was little reciprocation. I only made out with one girl. The other ones I would kiss and they’d like it but never got into it. .

Overall the night was solid. I got to see the potential of having a big social circle and a cool apartment. I collected a few numbers and they hit me back. There is definitely a difference between cold approach and talking to a girl at a massive party when you know the guy who lives there.

Finally, I think I underestimated how shitty it would be to have no logistics. If I had a place to pull to I think I could have made something happen last night. I’ve got the game, I’ve got the experience, I don’t don’t have the convenient bed..