Last night we were out for almost four hours. Girls liked me, a majority of my interactions were solid. Approached a bunch of sets because we kept looking for girls with better logistics. Never found them. Left around 3am, took an hour to get home because my fucking train is shut down. Got 6 hours of sleep before work and here we are. Let’s break down the night.


One of the final girls of the night. Proud of this one on so many levels. I walked by her, stopped, turned around and came back. We started vibing and after five minutes I tried to move her to a more quiet area. She wouldn’t go with me. I kept plowing and then I moved her to the dance floor. Leaned in for the kiss but she wasn’t having it. She bailed shortly afterwards, didn’t matter. All of my action was on fucking point. I backtracked and opened, I tried to lead, when she said no I kept plowing and then lead her somewhere else, I went for the kiss.

Keep Going

I’ve mentioned approximately 1 Google times (in field reports like this gem where I threatened my wingman with anthrax) that I need to stay out longer. I did that last night and I’m giving myself massive props. I reached that point where I usually quit, and then I kept going, kept opening. It was fucking glorious, especially because I ended up making out with my second to last set of the night. This is great reference experience for me because it showed that I can kick ass even at the end of the night.

Long Island Girl

Not attractive enough to sleep with, but I did take the time to tell her to get the fuck out of Manhattan and go back to her place. Then I pulled her in, kissed her, and walked away.

French Girl #1

Biggest regret of the night. I met this girl, she was cool. We had a natural rapport. I moved her to a sofa area and we sat down and talked. There was about a 30 second window for the makeout, I missed it, and she left shortly afterwards. Should have gone for it! Would always rather have her turn her head and not let me kiss her than have to spend the rest of my life in regret of what could have been.

Door Guys

My Chicago wingman accurately chided me for not knowing doormen, I’m changing that. Last night I finally got the name of the guy at a popular bar. Whenever he’s working the door I should be able to get right in. Also, my favorite club finally let me in without checking my ID. Although I didn’t do anything for that, it just happened. What’s becoming apparent though is that most door guys are OK human beings. They are not robots. I can be cool with them and they’ll be cool with me.


Mentioned a few times that I’m being much less physical with girls. Overall this is a solid strategy. However, in some situations the best course of action is to get extremely physical, very fast. There is plenty of potential for quick makeouts doing this. So we’re back to the C word, calibration. Figure out when to be physical, when to be laid back. Practice, practice, practice.