Favorite new song. Coworking spaces have been a big part of my experience in New York. I’d always toyed with the idea of sleeping at WeWork but the layout is too open. Not my new space though, they have a couple of couches tucked away in the back. I slept like a baby, no regrets. In other news our night out was interesting. My wingman is doing some promoting and he said he could get us all into a hot club. We showed up late, a ton of bullshit ensued and we more or less had to sneak in. Nothing like the high end club experience to make you feel like you’re a valueless piece of shit.

Inside it’s a different world. It’s a 4 girls to 1 guy ratio, maybe better. We start hammering out approaches and I quickly notice how ineffective my game is. I can’t hook a set to save my life. Maybe it’s just because I’m drinking, I don’t know. I realize that to succeed in this environment I would need to practice in it. But tonight is not the night for it, me and my other wingmen leave and take the 20 minute walk to Meatpacking.

Almost at Biergarten we open two girls on the sidewalk. My wingman starts making out with his girl, I talk to the friend. She’s getting into an Uber. I lean into the car and try to pull her out. She keeps saying nonsense like,

No, I would feel so bad about cancelling. We can’t just leave our Uber. We’re going home!”

I tell her it’s no big deal, he won’t care if she gets out. She doesn’t listen until her friend, who is fawning over my wingman, says,

Alicia! Get out of the Uber, we’re going with them.”

And that was that. It’s called an Uber pull, our specialty. We take the girls to the club but lose them after 3 minutes. No big deal, we open a bunch more. However, nothing sticks so well. Around 2 we call it a night and I go back to the hidden couch in my coworking space and sleep it off. That was my last weekend in New York for at least 6 months. It’s been a crazy adventure but I’m ready for a change. Time to throw the middle finger to the cold and go drive dirt bikes in Thailand.


*I’ve gotten a lot better but I’ve still got so far to go. Reaching a level of game where I’m effective in a high end club is going to take a lot.

*I’m ready to take a few months off from intense pickup. I’ll still do some daygame and go out here and there in Thailand but most of the focus is going to be on building up a business. I’m totally cool with this because I know that when I come back to it, my vague plan is to move to Berlin in the spring, I’m going to crush it and go harder than no other.