Last night was pretty damn good, consider the circumstances. I went to a concert venue / club. The music was great but the crowd was about as bad as it gets. Damn close to 90% guys and of the girls there it looked like 90% of them were girlfriends of some guy. I saw one truly attractive woman the whole night.

That being said, I was solo and I opened six over the course of two and a half hours. I never bitched out. Every single time I saw a set that needed opening I opened it. I never said she’s with her friends or there’s no chance for this to go good. So I’m proud of myself! Pats on the back all the way around. Few lessons though.

I opened one girl who was with her two very unattractive friends. I focused on the cuter by comparison girl but the trolls quickly shuttled her away from me. In this situation I should have opened the girl, talked for thirty seconds, then opened the friends and shared the good vibes with them as well.

I opened another girl who turned out to be a DJ who plays at high level venues and who was also friends with the warmup DJ who was giving me a boner earlier. I kept engaging her over the course of ten minutes. Finally she was leaving to go to another venue that I’ve never heard of. I pulled her close, said: take me with you there! For me this is a wild shot in the dark, my logical brain didn’t ‘t believe she will bring me along but the smarter part of my logical brain also knows that if I say it like I don’t believe, it will never happen. So I put myself on the line and made it sound very authentic. She replied:

Yeah, I mean I’m with my boyfriend. But you’re welcome to join if you want.”

I politely declined and let her go. Did she have a boyfriend really? Who the fuck knows. I kind of lean towards yes though because if she said that, then I chose to go with her and there was no boyfriend it would look weird. But maybe she knew that would throw me off. I don’t know, I don’t really care. Fuck the results, I’m just happy that I put myself on the line by telling her to take me with her.

Some other sets but not that much to say. I’m feeling more confident about pickup, and more confident that one day I’m going to be very, very good at this. Right now my main focus is pulling. Seeding the pull, baby-stepping the pull, dealing with objections and logistics. I’ve got the inner game and belief to pull way more consistently, now I need to get the technical aspects handled.