As I’ve bitched about 649 times, NYC nightlife is horribly disappointing on Mondays. We went to LES and found one set worth opening. Did run into a guy I met two weeks ago which was serendipitous. I like seeing people out on a Monday, shows character.

Anyways, the one set. Opened them on the street, they were British as fuck. Took them to a bar I knew. We were 10 feet away from my buddy’s Monday spot with the table but these girl were not attractive enough to justify bringing them there to mooch off his liquor. At the bar we all talked for twenty minutes, then my buddy pretended to get a phone call. We dipped outside and just left. I was dying. I’ve never just left a set like that, mid-sentence, without saying goodbye. Felt exciting.

We spent the next 45 minutes walking all over New York, looking for a bar with girls in it, talking about Distant Light, how long it should take to learn game, how to measure improvements in game, the fickle nature of determining success by lay count, and so forth. It was great. Tomorrow is the Tuesday spot, there will be sets, it will be good. I will meet a girl, make out with her, then pull her back to my place in Brooklyn for a fun time. My wingman pulled four fucking times last week, I’ve got some catching up to do. Let’s make it happen!