Went out, pushed myself, did things I was nervous to do, all the usual. Still getting back into it though, haven’t completely gotten back my awesome vibe. I talked to a model, she said two words to me. I talked to a very attractive woman last night. She saw a chink in me and the set was over within a minute.

Even all the other girls, I’m not getting laid right now and it sucks. It’s true I have zero logistics but I’ve gotten laid before with zero logistics. If I had to say I’m fucking up one thing, it’s tactical planning. Figuring out a way to move the set from the bar to the bedroom. Going for the pull, getting her out of the bar and into the taxi. It’s like I lack the belief right now to do that.

This is the first point since the time I started, 18 months ago, that I would seriously consider paying for a bootcamp. It’s the first time where I really feel like I’m lost in the woods. Approaching, hooking sets, going for the makeout, keeping the conversation going, etc. All of the fundamentals of pickup are not currently my sticking point. It’s transitioning from the bar to the bedroom that is holding me up. It’s very frustrating to not see it happening. I have two weeks left in New York, I really want to pull.


*I talked in an earlier field report about how I sometimes close space with a girl and end up pushing her away. I’m 99% sure this is not good, but I also know that in order to makeout and get physical I do have to breach the barrier at some point. How to do it more effectively though? I’m thinking I need to get into a space where I’m leaning back and drawing her in. Create a vacuum for her to fill.

*My eye contact with the most attractive ladies is not fantastic right now. I think it’s perhaps why I missed making out with two cute girls the last two nights. I have to fix this.

*I’m wondering if the reason I’m not pulling is a subtle belief that’s sabotaging me. When I moved to my current apartment I said to myself, well, no logistics. Guess you won’t be pulling now. I haven’t ever really thought about that again but I wonder if it’s turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy? I have to believe I can pull otherwise it will never happen.