Didn’t expect to end up at this high end club but that’s how the night turned out. Met up with my wingman outside a bar. We get in, there’s virtually nothing except for one lone girl. My wingman talks to her for a while and we decide to move the party to another club. I’ve done this one thing (move from this bar to a club nearby) more times than any other action in game. We get up there and the club is deader than a 45 year old McDonald’s workers dreams. However, the door guy is alright and says we can go into a higher end venue.

So we do and it’s ok. Still kind of dead but we find some sets. Third set deep I see two girls. One is cute, one looks like she’s had her hand in the cookie jar since birth. I tell my wingman, your turn to open. He gives me excuses. At this point in my career I consider¬†every. single. “reason”¬†to not open to be a bitch excuse. Five minutes earlier I had opened a two set and stayed in while a guy was cursing at me, telling me I’m worthless, and on the brink of punching me just because I was talking to his girl. Insecure fuck. So I had just done that and my wingman (who is a very cool guy and better with women than me) is making up excuses. I give him five seconds to do the right thing than I go open the cute one. They end up being cool and we talk for half an hour. However, by 1am It’s getting late (for them) so we all bounce from the club.

Downstairs we try hard to get them to come to the “afterparty” at my wingman’s place in Soho. It was a close call but they had to work the next day. If it wasn’t for that I think they probably would have gone and I would have gotten to hook up with my girl while my wingman watched TV with his and wished that he hadn’t bitched out on opening the cuter one. But that’s all hypothetical, I get her Facebook and they leave. We go to another bar. We open some sets and they go well. I’m with a cute girl for a while but I can’t quite close it right. I just felt like everything was half a step out of sync. Eventually she gets taken away but later on I do get a girl’s number after we talked about what it’s like living in Vietnam. We did one more bar and opened one set which failed harder than the guy with dreadlocks who sits in the back of the class and doodles. Altogether though a solid night that I have some good thoughts on.

A. I was probably a bit too physical with the girl in the first club.. I think it’s probably better to friendzone her, not be physical, then get her back to your place at 1am where shit is very likely to happen. So I need to calibrate my physicality more.

B. That last set we opened was five girls sitting at the table. Totally failed, I felt awkward when they ignored me, it was bonkers stupid. That being the case, how could we have opened this five set better? I’m not positive, but if I was going to say one thing it would be go for one friend and focus on her. Trying to keep all the friends engaged was retarded and I was out of energy and looked like a limp dick omega male. So in that situation, focus on one girl.

C. Question for you guys. I get a girls number. I want to text her so she remembers me and has my number. What should I text her? I usually try to make it relate to something interesting we talked about. Your thoughts?

D. Situation: I’m talking to a girl and a guy comes up who is with her and starts yelling at me and cursing me and being a giant fucking douche. I’m staying totally non-reactive, just chill and ignoring him. Is he just blowing himself out and making himself look like the douche that he is, or is it better to eject?

E. I think perhaps I should raise my standards. Right now I have no standards, and I feel like girls can feel that and it’s not helping me. I think I should have some limits about what I’ll accept, and that will make me more attractive.

F. Boobies.

G. Rewarding a girl’s behavior whenever she says or does something I like is awesome! I could see sets going better last night because of it. I wasn’t calibrated and it didn’t always come off well, but I still see the power of it. I also kissed a girl on the forehead a bunch of times, that was fun. Looking forward to going out again tonight and continuing the rampage.