If I can have as much fun as I did last night after only a year in game, I can’t even imagine what two or three years deep is going to look like. For everything I did at the club I give myself an A+. I did so many things correct that I can’t think of anything I would change. Although, I did have one questionable decision and I’ll start with that.

It’s an hour or two deep in the club. I’m talking to a cute Asian girl and she likes me. I’m about ten minutes into the conversation when I see a girl, alone, leaning against the bar. It’s so obvious that she wants to get fucked that she might as well have it tattooed on her naval. I’m not sure how you can explain it, but once you’ve gone out enough you begin to read these things. Based on experience, I think there’s about an 80% chance that if I open this “fuck me” girl, it will go well. However..

I’m with this cute Asian girl and I actually like the challenge. She’s not going to make it easy for me. Getting to the makeout will test my game because she will not give me good signs and she’ll fight me the whole way. This presents itself as a puzzle and I can’t resist it. I stay with the Asian. Fifteen minutes later I’m in the bathroom when I see the “fuck me” girl walk in, lips wrapped around some guy. I left before I saw if they went into a stall, but she was practically dragging him in there so I assume that, unless he was impotent, they fucked.

I ended up pulling my Asian girl out of the club to the cookie place, but she wouldn’t leave with me to go back to my place in Brooklyn. From the get-go I figured there was an 80% chance she wouldn’t be pulled home. Asian girl, prudish, staying in NYC with a friend who would judge her for leaving with a guy. I chose to stay with her anyways though. I did it because I saw the potential to gain some interesting experience, I was actually attracted to her (unlike most Asian women), and I was having fun.

The rest of the night, it was glorious. I kicked some serious ass. All of those sets where your brain says don’t approach! I approached them. I felt awesome because of it. Towards the end of the night I had girls catching my eye and one woman very obviously bumped into me and looked back to see if I would talk to her. It’s funny though, I wasn’t in some super amped up crazy state. I was just feeling very good and awfully comfortable. I was 100% content with myself and everything that was happening.

I also had two separate girls tell me that I had to leave. One girl simply couldn’t handle the tension that I was creating. Another set my wingman said some stuff about Australia that they took offense too and the girl said:

Ok, enough! You guys have to leave. Your friend has blown it for everyone. Please leave!”

Of course we just stayed there and debated with them the validity of their reasoning, and so three minutes later we’re still standing there fighting about whether we should leave or not. People were looking at us, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t think of anything to say. It was fucking awesome, I live for moments like this. In the earlier set where I was dismissed by the friend, I ignored it, plowed on with my girl, dealt with pressure, and then once she got even more attracted because of how I handled it, I abruptly left 😀 A girl telling you that it’s over doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. I distinctly remember one girl who initially told my wingman to fuck off and she hated him. Twenty seconds later she had melted into his arms and later she came up to me looking for him. Everything, everything is a shit test. Pass it and you win.

Game Styles

It’s interesting to see different styles of game. Because what is good game really but a positive attitude and an authentic expression of yourself. That means that a litany of different “styles” can be effective. For example, I met up with two wings at the club last night. One is a shorter Mexican dude, laid back, professional looking with a great haircut and a self-possessed manner. The other is this obnoxious, doesn’t give a fuck, completely irreverent dude who polarizes the living fuck out of everything. Both of them do very well. The polarizing dude has lots of options and the Mexican guy has recently started promoting at some high end venues because he’s brought so many girls out.

Trying to copy another person’s style of game is a foolish task because what works great for them may be horrible for you. If the calm Mexican dude tried to act like the balls to the wall crazy dude, it would be horrible because it would be completely against his personality. Game is finding a way to love your personality so that girls love it too.

Cute Girls

I talked to a pair of very attractive girls last night. They thought I was great, I thought I was great, everything was great. What struck me is that generating attraction didn’t require anything other than just having a good conversation and being non-needy. I was just a chill fun dude and they were all about it! As I continue to hook up with more attractive women I continue to take them off the pedestal. Girls are girls, guys are guys. We’re all human beings. A girl may be genetically blessed with a skinny body and a beautiful face, but underneath that everything else is the same. I can treat her just like I treat every other girl. When I reach the point where I’m hooking up with 9s and 10s it won’t be because I learned a bunch of new game tricks, it will just be because I’m able to be my cool normal self with a stunning woman.


After some reflection I can think of two mistakes.

1. I sat down next to a cute girl and began to talk to her. After two minutes her friend pulled her away, saying:

I’m really sorry, but I really need to go to the bathroom.”

I was a bit peeved because my girl liked me, I liked her, it was good. So I said:

It’s OK, I know that you’re jealous that she’s talking to me not you.”

In retrospect this was not a good thing to say. Now, when I see those two girls later (which happened) the friend is going to be my enemy and will do everything in her power to keep me and my girl apart. Versus if I had just let her go, I could go back in later. Maybe what I said was true, maybe it wasn’t. Who knows. But it didn’t help me to get what I wanted.

2. Those two cute girls I mentioned, we talked for about ten minutes then I moved them downstairs. I grabbed some water from the bar, danced a bit, then I reapproached the one I liked. She kind of ran away. I was perplexed, I thought the interaction was going great so far? I attribute this odd reaction to two things. One is that another guy was about to buy these two girls some drinks so it would be bad if they were seen talking to me. Also, earlier, a weird fucking gay British dude had started talking to my girl and creeping her out a bit. Instead of being the man, moving her, getting her away from this creepy perv who was later dancing in his underwear, I just let him talk to her and talked to her friend instead. I think this was bad. Showed that I didn’t have the real instincts to handle any situation. I’m speculating on this, but my interpretation seems like it could be valid.