I’m continually surprised by the lack of people in Meatpacking. Yesterday was Thursday, in NYC, and we struggled to find sets. Maybe there are some great parties that I don’t know about, but it seems like NYC nightlife is over-hyped. My friend from Lisbon, which has a scant population of 500,000, says that it’s easier to go out there because the club district is lit up every night of the week. Whatever, I still love NYC and gaining access to some of the better clubs should take care of these problems.

Start off in my favorite club. I get there right at 11, get in, wait for my wingman. 15 minutes later I get a text, he got denied at the door. Bullshit, it’s fucking dead upstairs. There’s maybe 30 people in a club that can hold hundreds.

I leave, meet up with him at a bar. Dead, there’s nothing. One girl approaches us, we talk for a minute, but that’s it. Go to another bar, not a lot. My wingman opens a six set of girls from Texas but he bails after four minutes. Told him that instead of trying to engage the whole group he needed to focus on one girl, two girls max. I found a cute girl from the group, I focused on her the whole time, but when he left I left too. I did a horrible open on two girls and got into a weird state of mind. I haven’t felt like it in a while. I used to always feel like it. Fuck that. I know the solution: approach! Go upstairs, attempt to stop a girl walking by. She keeps walking. I don’t agree with her decisions. I follow her, put a hand on her shoulder, smile as she turns around and engage her. She comes to talk to me. This was good. I’ve been doing this more lately. If I introduce myself to a girl and she keeps walking, I’ll walk after her and try to get her to stop.

I talk to this girl for five minutes but her brother is right there and she leaves me to talk to him. Nothing else at the bar. Say goodbye to the doorman, who ominously says “I’ll see you when you come back.” We go to the Tippler, they say they’re closing. It’s 12:15 on a Thursday. Am I living in NYC or bum-fuck Kansas City? We go to another bar. Walking in I spot a girl and Immediately know that she wants someone to talk to her. Approach.

I end up spending the rest of the night with this girl. She’s very hard to read and she’s not giving me much, but I’m really curious to see where it’s going. She won’t go arm-in-arm with me when we go back to the bar. She pushes me off anytime I’m physical. She makes fun of me, calls me weird. I don’t really understand what’s going on but I want to find out. Also, words aside, sub-communication says she wants me to stay. Eventually I pull her to the club and after 60 minutes and three clubs we finally kiss. It’s good. It proves to me that given some time you can really turn things around. Persist, don’t run away like a bitch. She has to work the next day so she calls an Uber. She asks “So when are you going to ask for my number?” I get it. She won’t tell me her name so I call her Brittany. She tells me to text her the next day and leaves. Interesting night.