Wednesday night. One of the coolest things about game is you never fucking know what’s going to happen. I hit up one of my main wingmen and he tells me to meet him at a hotel in LES. I get there, it’s raining, so I duck under an awning to call him. Some people standing outside, I’m scanning them to see if he’s there. He’s not, but I see one person who I fucking swear I’ve seen before. He looks so familiar but I just can’t place him. I shrug it off and call my wingman who lets me into the club. He say’s what’s up, then tells me that we’re at Jude Law’s party. The guy under the awning who I couldn’t place, it was Jude Law. The night is off to a good start!

We open some sets but there’s not a lot happening. I see one girl who is stunning and motivation for learning game. Tall, super skinny, beautiful face. My ideal woman, I love to dream about dating someone like that someday.

We leave, take a cab to another party. My wingman’s friend knows some NBA player there. Cool guy, six foot ten. The venue sort of sucks though. Not many girls and way too many guys dressed like girls for me to feel comfortable. If you’re not careful you’re going to accidentally opening someone who has a dick. No thanks. We open easily 75% of the sets but nothing sticks. I don’t like venues where it’s so fucking loud you have to shout. They suck, especially when there’s no place that’s even a little bit quieter.

Again, we bounce. This time we go to a high end club in Meatpacking. It’s pretty shitty. Not many sets. We open here and there, but it’s a bad place to do game. In small venues like this (this place is about half the size of a tennis court) everyone sees everything. So if you go on an opening rampage it looks very out of place. Actually this is a key problem in NYC. All these small fucking venues that limit you. I think it would be amazing to be in Vegas where you can open, open, open and there’s always more. Maybe I’ll move there someday, who knows.

I eventually find a girl though. We talk for a while but I can’t hear half of the shit she’s saying. A common problem is that I project my voice and the woman can hear me, but I can’t hear her. Not that you need to half the time though. I say random shit and she likes it. For me, a big focus right now is leading. I want to lead every set that I’m in for more than a minute or two. This one, she’s talking about her friends, I grab her hand and say “Let’s go find your friends”. I lead her to the dance floor, I plan to pull her outside the club, when she takes her hand away and runs back to her seat. That’s really strange, it’s never happened before. But here’s what I think I fucked up. I was leading without looking at her, without talking to her. I’ve heard that the best way to lead is to keep making eye contact and to keep the conversation going. This is especially important if you’ve just met the girl. So this is arguably the only deep lesson I learned last night. Move the set, maintain eye contact and keep talking. That should help to keep the girl from freaking out.

Funny enough, ten minutes later the girl’s friend comes and grabs me, tells me to sit down. Tells me to keep talking to her and even gets my number. Says she’ll have the girl text me the next day. Which she actually does and I ignore the text. Not nearly good looking enough for a day two, I’d rather hit up the club. Back at it again tonight. No idea what’s happening, don’t care. Wherever we go there will be girls.