“You look like a Donald Trump supporter” was the opener of the day. I opened two sets with that and they both went surprisingly well. I also opened by talking about phone cases, and in another situation the wood bar at the Brassmonkey. These sets all went surprisingly well. I felt incongruent, but I suppose with time that will change. At any rate, it was supposed to be a relaxed Saturday but I ended up opening at least six sets. My wing man and his buddy opened some sets too and good fun was had by everyone.

I think my wing man has some success barriers. A week ago a girl literally invited him home, and he walked out of the set. Another day, at 4am, he got two girls to make out, they both liked him, and he just walked away. Yesterday his buddy opened a three set, they liked him and invited him to get a drink downstairs with them. He demurred and they left without him. Both of these guys are really good at opening sets, but it’s like they don’t understand the bigger picture, and what can happen when a set goes really good. You get laid. I’m hammering that into my wing man’s head.

Today I’m meeting up with the girl I hooked up with last week. We’re getting drinks on a rooftop bar, then we’ll go back to her place and hook up. No excuse to not approach though. I plan on hitting Meatpacking for a few sets before we meet up. Keep the proverbail knife sharp.


-Girls pick up on the emotion you put behind the words, not the words themselves.
-Go out, go out, go out. I’m serious about getting better at this and I’m backing up that desire.
-Excited to live in Berlin, where I’ll be fifteen minutes from the clubs, not an hour and ten minutes.
-I wonder how I can find a mentor? In a way I’m mentoring my wing man now and we have an awesome time, but I’d like to find someone to pull me to the next level, the way I’m pushing my wing man hard.