Got back into it last night. Biergarten, my wing man wasn’t there yet. Standing in the corner, stuck in my head, fuckkkkk. All sorts of unhelpful emotions, then I said fuck it and opened two girls. They were really nice, we talked for a minute, and they left. Opened another woman, she turned out to be from Peru. I gave her and her friend advice about clubs and bounced. Opened three girls on the street, they didn’t like me one bit and literally dragged their friend away from me.

Went to Brassmonkey with my wingman and he opend a set. I felt silly just standing there, saw two women and approached. The set went really well, and was going well, but there was a conundrum. In order to get into Cielo we had to leave. Like right then and there. The set bore all the hallmarks of going great and maybe even being a pull, but I chose to get her number and go to the club instead.

At Cielo I had so much fun I forgot all about the potential pull. It was the best I’ve ever danced in my life. I was in the zone and crushing it. Freedom of expression and joy, what a night!

Still sort of sick but fuck it. The lesson is that I night to be opening more sets. It’s not even that difficult, I just have shitty beliefs I need to change. Like the belief that if I do X sets I’m done. Fuck that! 3-5 sets warmup, then get into it. Be social, approach as much as possible. I’m giving myself a new goal, 20 sets between Thursday and Friday night. Easy to do, easy not to do. Let’s make it a reality!


-Open more sets. I open 6 and then think I’ve done my job and I can quit. Fuck that! Keep opening, the more the merrier.
-Dancing is amazing. It’s tribal, raw, and awesome fun. Now I want to go to Spain and take dance lessons.
-I want to do ten sets in a night! I’ve never done it before, but it’s time!