Wow! Last night was cool. Combined me and my wing man opened at least 25 sets. I’ve changed my goal so that in order to succeed I need to be opening at least 10 a night. I definitely met that. I opened, opened, opened. I made out with a cute Spanish girl who may was maybe an 8. Even though we were vibing, her friends yanked her the hell out of there. They weren’t much fun. I also danced with a girl and I think I could have gone for the make out. Perhaps I didn’t do it because she was very attractive and I lacked confidence. I tried dancing with two other girls but it didn’t work. In one case though, I started dancing with a girl, she looked at me, I didn’t say anything I just danced, and she went away. This has happened before. I need to be saying something then. In this type of situation, words are probably required.

I’m not going to stop going out. I’m going to keep going out every night for more than a year. Maybe two years. However long it takes, that’s what I’m going to do. And with ten or fifteen sets a night I expect to see quicker progress. Hell, I already am! Last night was amazing, and I got a glimpse of what the next level is going to look like. It might take me a month to get there, but it’s going to be AWESOMEEEEEE. Some truly next level shit. Hooyah!


-I was the life of the party last night, what a glorious vibe to embody!
-My wingman is an approach animal. What an awesome influence to be surrounded with every night.
-I truly believe I’m going to be absolutely amazing at this one day. It’s going to happen, no matter how long it takes, I’m going to make it happen.
-The next level for me is going to be getting makeouts more consistently. Say, every other night, instead of every fifth night.
-Life is good.