Friday night in New York, too many people. Lines at all the clubs, cover charges at bars that don’t usually charge cover. Game here is best Sunday to Thursday in my opinion. At any rate I think I got almost ten sets. Maybe even ten, I didn’t count. Nothing really stuck though. I felt off all night and so did my wing man. It was kind of a weird night, and yet at the same time, for a weird Friday, it was still 5x better than my old crummy nights. I did some dance floor game, I free associated, I had friends pull girls away from me, I had fun.

My wingman gets off on doing crazy approaches. For instance, last night he opened a set. Then I sent him in and he opened them again. He came back pissed at me. “I already opened them you dumbass!” Then he stood there for a moment, before saying “I’m going to open them again.” So he did, three times. Later he tried grabbing girls and, yelling pizza, and pulling them into the pizza place. He does this but he’s too scared to buy condoms. He didn’t pull the other night because of either
A: Success barriers
B: Lack of belief
C: Lack of condoms
Take your pick, and yet he still won’t buy condoms. I’m literally going to have to drag him into a bodega and force him to get some.

I left early last night (2:30) because I wanted to get lots of sleep before work. That didn’t work out. Laid in bed till 8:00 in the morning, couldn’t sleep because of excitement.


-Nuts and bolts things I’m working on: not pecking and not saying “what”. Make the girl lean in to me, I don’t lean in. Nothing crazy here, being cool 101.
-Free associating is great! I’m coming up with more things to say and feeling more confident.
-I have to be pushing sets harder! I’m bouncing from perfectly viable sets because I’m losing my nerve. In German: Das ist nicht gut!
-Operating on 2 hours of sleep sucks so, so much.
-Building a tribe. First my wingman, now his friend joins us on Friday and Saturday. Once or twice a week Tienne meets up with us. Just got a message from a guy who wants to do a thirty day challenge. I’m almost a bit sad that I’ll be leaving all this for Berlin in 40 days.
-Go harder. Push to move the girl. I could be growing faster and getting even better results if I was more disciplined in this.