Amazing date last night, I had so much fun! This girl told me about the crazy sex she likes, a manwhore she knows in London who organized a 5 girl gangbang for his birthday, spreader bars, and lots of other interesting things. All in all it was a very lively four hours we spent together. Ended the night at the club with me dancing on the sofa in between making out with her.

She has a really strong personality and she pushed me too. It forced me to bring out my best. And I did, I maintained my state, passed multiple shit tests, and she found me very attractive. We’re going to meet up next weekend and I will get laid, I say with as much certainty as is possible, given that shit can and will always happen. It maybe would have happened last night but the logistics are horrible. We live on opposite ends of NYC, three hours apart, it’s gross.


-Free association is king.
-My eye contact is amazing.
-Going out every night, I don’t think it’s possible to not make progress.
-I love the game. I’m hooked.