Yesterday was the night of hard sets that I didn’t want to do. My wing man was doing his job though, and he sent me in regardless of how I felt. A four set with a guy speaking to my girl, a three set with a guy, he made me reapproach another set that I didn’t want to. In retrospect nothing bad happened, in fact most of it was totally fine and went good. It’s just getting over that social conditioning.

We never really hit that awesome flow state last night, but it was still solid. We each did about a dozen approaches. I did some dance floor approaches which is super solid for me. My wingman did some of his crazy spin approaches. I feel like I learned a good deal, even if nothing happened.

Biggest sticking point right now: leaving sets to early. If I pushed harder I could be doing more. That also means trying to move girls. I need to focus on that. I’ll work on it in the coming days and weeks. Looking forward to this coming week, we’ve got a lot of fun mayhem planned!


-Stay in set longer. This has to start happening.
-I did some dance floor approaches last night, well done! I’m getting better at it. A lot better even. Although I was so shit before that that’s not saying much.
-I say this a lot, but gaming in NYC is the shit!
-Even when nothing happens, going out is still a lot of fun. It’s great to just talk with my wing man in between sets. Really cool dude.