“This apple is the best deal in New York. it was free, and it’s totally amazing. Unlike most free things, which suck.”

“I had an apple…” two second pause. “But now I don’t!”

I was opening with apple talk yesterday and the sets went great. The second apple set, I was so close to an instant makeout. I could have, should have, done it. I just didn’t see it as quickly as I needed to and missed out. The other apple set I spoke to the girl for ten minutes about random stuff. I free associated. Here’s what I don’t get though. When I just start talking and talking, I feel like I’m taking value and not adding it. I feel like I’m forcing a girl to listen to a not-particularly-interesting stream of consciousness. I’m so unused to just talking like this that I don’t feel natural doing it. .

In other news, last night, for two minutes, it was the most in state I’ve ever been. It was an entirely new level and it felt like sensory overload. I felt like those people who take acid, believe they can fly, then jump off a building. I didn’t unlock this by doing an insane amount of sets either, I unlocked it by not giving any fucks and being social and going into sets with no idea other than to totally self amuse and be funny. Unlocking this state, albeit briefly, helped me to understand how some advanced men do what they do, and how they have so much fun in a nightclub.

Unfortunately my wingman was totally stuck in his head. I tried to cheer him up by telling him this little impromptu story.

Scene, he’s leaning against the bar and I walk up to him. “With people who drink, there’s always that one guy who makes everyone else’s drinking not seem so bad. He’s the guy who drinks twelve beers when you have six. He’s the guy who drinks every day when you drink four days a week. Well, at the club right now, there are a lot of people having a blast. Some people aren’t feeling it though, but you know what? They can always say, hey, at least I’m not that guy leaning against the bar right now. He’s the biggest buzzkill here, he’s the least fun person in the entire club right now. Poor guy.

When your wingman is feeling out of state and stuck in his head, I’m the best person to cheer him up.


-Being in amazing state is awesome. I unlocked it for two minutes. Next time I want it for four minutes. Approach to get it!
-Self amusing is awesome! I love stupid openers.
-I’m getting better at talking endlessly, but it still feels very unnatural for me.
-I felt like shit last night at the beginning, but I got into great state by approaching. My discipline is approach the first set in the first bar immediately. This helps A LOT.
-Crushing it.