Well it’s official, I’m on a 60 day challenge now! The 30 day challenge was awesome. I didn’t cheat, I was out there every single night. I made a lot of progress and If feel a lot more confident. Approaching is SO much easier. Sets are going a lot better. My eye is AWESOME 80% of the time. Last night I made eye contact with a dozen girls who smiled at me. I’m also well out of my head and in a very nice state of mind around the clock.

Last night was great too! What I’m most proud of is that on the dance floor I directly walked up to a girl, grabbed her hand and spun her around. She told me to bugger off but I can’t control that. I was psyched I did that dance floor approach because it’s such a weak point for me. I felt really good afterwards, for a while. Which leads me to my next point, I need to set bounce more. When one set ends I need to quickly get into another. Keep up the momentum and keep myself amused. Last night around 1:30 I just sort of fell out of it and wanted to fall asleep, not do more sets.

Going out with my wing is awesome though. He pushes me hard and we do A LOT more sets than I did when I was going out alone. I think we each opened about six last night, and we want to keep working on that so that we’re doing about ten a night. The more you do, the easier it gets. An upward spiral of awesome. I’m really looking forward to going out with him this next month, it’s going to be an awesome 60 day challenge for me, and a fantastic 30 day challenge for him.


-My natural eye contact is astounding. I’m amusing myself, I feel comfortable, and girls can pick up on that instantly.
-I finally have some ideas about how to do dance floor game correctly. I’m going to have to institute these in the coming weeks. Takes practice. As my wingman pointed out, approaching on the dance floor is more difficult than doing a regular set.
-Having a wingman to push you is amazing! I’m doing more sets than ever before, and we’ve agreed it’s still not enough.
-Just do it.
-I should be pushing sets harder, going for more makeouts. I’m going to get rejected a lot, but at some point I will stop getting so many rejections.
-I’m very physical with girls, but I realize that the way I’m doing it is pansy, for a lack of a better word. For example I’ll claw a girl, then pull out the second that it’s obvious that I like her. I need to keep my hands on girls longer, let more tension build.