Last night was grinding it out. Like when you really don’t want to hit the gym, but you go anyways and you’re glad you did. I was tired as fuck, I’m still not adjusted to my new sleep schedule which is something like 6am to 2pm. Game hours I call them. I’m lucky to have an extremely flexible job that allows me to do this insanity. When I get to Berlin my schedule is going to be even crazier, sleeping from like 12 to 8pm. Nuts.

Anyways, I maybe did 6 approaches. I approached the three cutest girls in the bar on the dance floor. I ran out of things to say in about 17 seconds flat. All the guys around them were looking at me, it was great. I didn’t give a fuck. I’ve never cared less in my life. Why should I care? I’m taking massive action, they’re sipping their drinks and looking smug.

Did some other sets, nothing stuck. I was so tired. So when we left the club I saw two girls about to light some cancer sticks. I walked up and said “I’ve just got to tell you two very important things. The first is that I’m very, very tired. The second is that smoking is healthy for you”. This turned out to be ok and me and my wingman ended up talking to the girls for fifteen minutes. Finally at the end I tried to kiss my girl, she grabbed her friend and took off. That was that.

I got some normal sleep though and I’m ready to crush it tonight!


-Oh, you’re tired and you really don’t want to go out? That’s swell, why don’t you just kill yourself. That’s some intense¬†shit right there. But really, you have to go out no matter what your emotions are.
-Dance floor approaches, do more of them.
-Am I making progress as fast as I’m capable of?
-It’s been about 50 days out now, am I better than when I began? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but the truth is that yeah, I’m a lot better.
-Saying things that amuse me is brilliant.