Last night a girl came onto the dance floor and started dancing with dudes. She was taking their sunglasses, dancing with them, toying with them. I don’t know why but I went asshole on her. She started walking up to me, keep in mind she’s a solid 8, and she tries to dance with me. I say “You’re not a good dancer.” she says what? I repeat myself. She says what again, like she can’t believe what I’m saying. I say “You heard me”. Can’t really say with certainty why I did it, but I did. I suppose it was partly I wanted to make an impression, partly that I didn’t like her toying with all these guys. She was a good dancer though lol. Fuck it.

Think I got about ten approaches last night. Had a lot of fun. Danced with a girl or two, talked to plenty of them. I did some great approaches with a line my wingman gave me:

I hate this club and I’m not having any fun” I did that one twice. I got rejected once, but the other set I was able to turn around into a ten minute interaction and dance. I also sampled this bad boy:

I’m sad, alone, and I’ve never had a girlfriend” Should have seen the look on the girl’s face when I said that to her. I wasn’t able to turn that set around, it sunk like the Titanic.

So it was fun, I was just having a straight up good time trying to get rejected with the most insane openers. Ended up meeting some people on the sidewalk at 3:30, chatted for twenty minutes then I went back to their apartment for a beer. The dude was mad cool, we vibed for an hour. Fun stuff, I didn’t get home till 6:30 in the morning. Anyways, check out the video. My wingman is the guy just a bit to the left with the grey shirt.


-Doing rediculous openers is lots of fun. I recommend it.
-Touch of asshole came out in me last night. Will that be surfacing again?
-My bedtime is literally 6am now. So sick.
-Game is amazing. I look forward to going out. I don’t get the butterflies, I get the anticipation butterflies.
-It would be really nice to get more make outs and get laid more, but if I keep pushing myself I’m confident that it’s going to happen.
-I hope that there’s a party in Berlin every night of the week the way there is in New York.