Something is going to click. That’s what I keep telling my wingman. We’re out there every night, staying out late and crushing sets. It feels like we should be getting more results, but I have faith in the process. Last night we each opened nearly fifteen sets each. We even ended the night, at 4:10 in the morning, by opening two girls on the Subway platform. At this point opening is nothing. The first set or two of the night still takes a tablespoon of courage, but after that it’s automatic. See a girl, talk to her. Repeat.

I will say that last night I did the smoothest dance floor approach of my life. I’m dancing, make eye contact with a girl. She looks away, I keep staring. She looks back at me, I have my hand out and spin her like nothing. It was perfect, which is ludicrous because two or three weeks ago I was bugging shit about how I’m awful at dance floor approaches and I felt like I would never be good. My wingman even reminded me that I was scared to do them, which now seems silly. So that in itself is a sign of progress.

Other than that, it no longer makes sense to break down all my sets of the night. I’d need to write a short novel every week. In general though my biggest sticking point is persistence and not moving girls. I need to stay in set longer, and think of more stuff to say. I’ve been trying to move girls more and so far it hasn’t really worked out so well. But I’ll stick with it and get it.


-Persistence. Free associate better. Stay in sets till they ask you to leave or something happens. Madison says when persistence was his sticking point he tried to move every single girl. I might try that.
-I believe lots and lots of very small improvements will add up to something big.
-It would be swell to get a pull in the next week, I’d like to get laid.
-Fear is the little death, fuck fear.