At this stage in my career it seems silly that I used to be afraid of doing dance floor approaches. I crushed that fear and there wasn’t even time for a funeral. Last night, spinning girls, failing to spin girls, dancing with girls, getting rejected by girls, and everything in between. Impossible to count the sets anymore, they all blend together. My game is showing solid improvement. More confidence, more physical, more calibrated, it’s all better.

Still, the sticking point is not moving girls enough and not pushing sets hard enough. I’m accepting too many extremely soft rejections which may not even be rejections if I just persisted, I need to stick with these sets and make something happen.

There was one set last night that went incredible. However, I’m not going to share the details yet. I’ll do that later. However, I will say that if theory isĀ is right, and in six months your best set is just your average set, HOLY HELL! In six months I’m going to be crushing it and dominating the world.


-Dancing approaches are simple enough. Now, how to make them last longer. Need to quickly move girls.
-Going out with a wingman who pushes you hard is a tremendous help.
-I love going out. It’s so enjoyable.
-I don’t need more information or theory, I need practice.