The real kick in the nuts is that I feel a bit sick again! I was sick for three weeks straight, it sucked and made going out every night harder. Now I’ve been healthy for a mere week and I’m starting to feel ill again. What am I doing wrong? My sleep schedule is fine, I get my eight hours from 6am to 2pm every day. I don’t smoke, I haven’t been drunk in more than two months, I don’t even know. It’s very frustrating.

Last night my wingman was feeling crummy so I went to the club myself. Danced a lot, didn’t approach much. One dance floor approach, one regular one, and I talked to a cool German guy for fifteen minutes. Then I came home and crashed. A weak night to match my failure to adhere to the fundamentals.


-Why the hell do I keep getting sick? This has never happened before in my life.
-Cute girl who I ran an amazing set with on Friday night is hitting me up saying she wants to keep in touch and go out, even though we talked for three minutes. That set was the very best game I’m capable of, and this is the future potential.
-I have to discipline myself to open when I don’t have a wingman. To help me out, I can talk to guys and make them instant wingmen.
-My 60 day challenge is nearly up. Who’s down for a 80 day challenge? (Right before I go to Berlin I have to do real world stuff that will prevent me from gaming for another 30 days straight)