My wingman was sick last night and couldn’t go out. I briefly wavered and considered staying in one more night, but then said fuck that! Time to make progress, one night in is enough. I left kind of late and didn’t get out to Biergarten until midnight. The plan was simple: don’t get stuck in my head. Open the very first set. No matter what, no exceptions. I walk in, see two girls, immediately my brain says oh, but they look too hot to talk to. Fuck you brain! I approach and they turn out to be from Spain. We talk for a few minutes then I leave.

See a three set of girls sitting down at the table. Don’t do it! My brain says again. He was very, very active last night. So I did what one must do; exactly opposite of what he said. I opened talking about apples again. It was great. I left Biergarten and went to Brassmonkey. I immediately open as soon as I get in, until a guy pulls the girl away. I go upstairs and open a three set of girls. I’m still eating this apple and that’s what I talk about. In retrospect this set was actually going well and I should have stayed longer. But I didn’t. Instead I talked to this bouncer who has seen me open dozens of sets by now and I asked if he wanted me to bring him an apple next time. Then I talked to the doorman on the way out before leaving.

Next was Le Bain.

It’s common knowledge that Tuesday at Le Bain is gay night, but I decided to go anyways. It’s an awesome club and even if it’s mostly dudes, there’s usually some girls too. I get in, go up, and start dancing. This gets old, and I go up to the upstairs lounge. Almost immediately I get hit on by a guy named Belzone. Real name? After talking to hundreds of girls in the last two months, it was a role-reversal to be the one being picked up. He went on for a minute or two, and when he got to touchy-feely I told him I wasn’t gay. Does this count as an approach?

I went downstairs to dance some more, but by this point I’m starting to feel weird. Almost everyone is gay, things are getting a little more intense as 1am rolls around, and I feel like a misfit. I embrace it though. This is just one more uncomfortable situation to master. I don’t look at it as being weirded out by being surrounded by flamboyantly gay gentlemen, I look at it as:

“I feel weird, but that’s just an emotion. This is a chance to conquer my emotions and practice being awesome in any situation”.

Finally, around 2am I’ve had enough. I’m minutes from leaving when the most inspiring part of my night walks in. Leaning against a wall is a beautiful girl. I immediately want to talk to her, and for some reason my brain doesn’t speak up. I think it’s because I perceive this girl to be so out of my league that my brain can’t even conceive of it and isn’t putting up bitch-barriers. I go up and open.

She’s not only the most beautiful girl I’ve ever talked to in my life (a living manifestation of my ideal 10), but she’s really, super nice! She’s asking me questions and seems interested in what I have to say. The whole time I’m thinking mother of god, I didn’t know they made women this attractive. She puts into perspective all the girls I’ve been seeing at the club and it’s just laughable. After a few minutes her friend pulled her away, but it didn’t matter. I talked to the most attractive woman of my life, I wasn’t scared, she was awesome, and I feel refreshed motivation to continue going out and crushing it.


-A could write a poem to the brain. I’m not a poet, so it would be pretty simple and it would go like this “Die“. That’s all.
-I was alone last night and opened five sets. It’s not the ten that I should be doing, but it’s a lot better than one or two. Keep up the progress.
-Practicing free association is a must.
-Game is equal parts learning to be good with women, and learning self discipline.
-To get to the next level, I need to develop next level thinking.