I feel both good and bad about last night. My wingman is still sick so I went out alone and approached a good number of sets, but I also know I didn’t give it my all. I could have done more. That’s what bugs me now, the regret of knowing that I could have pushed myself harder. I need to reprogram new beliefs into my skull. 24 years of social conditioning has me convinced that I’m taking a lot of action, but I really need to be taking more. For example, I’m listening to an audio book called the 10x Rule. The message is simple: if you want to become awesome at something, you have to do 10x more than the average bloke. So say the average dude who wants to get better with women goes out on Friday and Saturday with his buddies and approaches twelve sets in total. That’s twelve sets a week. If I want to 10x this and become awesome, I need to do 120 sets a week, or 17 sets a night. That’s sobering to think about, but it’s what I need to work towards..

Last night I did perhaps six sets. The one I’m most proud of was a five set of girls sitting at a table. I walked up and opened with only the smallest hesitation, barely perceptible. Funny to think that a long time ago I was scared pale and stiff to approach a table of four girls, and last night I did a five set solo like *almost* nothing. Other than that, I did about six sets throughout the night, but it’s not enough. Even when I got into set I wasn’t pushing it as hard as I’m capable of. I’m still bouncing even though I’m starting to see these sets get hooked.

So that’s where I’m at. I feel good I was able to go out solo and approach some difficult sets, and I feel bad that I didn’t push myself harder. My wingman is seriously sick though, this sucks! Not only do I approach more with him, he’s a really cool dude and I enjoy his company. Still though, I look at this as an opportunity to really build the game muscle in my brain.


-Stay in set longer. I say this practically every day and yet while I make baby steps, I fail to take serious action on it.
-Just in terms of approaching last night, I did very good considering I was out solo and sober.
-I hope my wingman gets better soon.
-I have to step it up to meet my goal of getting 500 sets done by the time I leave New York in a few weeks. I’d say I’ve done perhaps 300 as of today.
-Go hard, do it!