Last night I did a good job of staying in set. I opened two girls and I ended up spending about ninety minutes with them. I ran it well too. We were talking, then I pulled them upstairs. Talked some more, then I pulled them to a new club. Walking there we met two guys on the street. They were obviously into these girls, and tried to pull them to a different bar. Standing there on the street, the guys ten feet away, the girls in the middle, me on the other end. I won that battle because my beliefs were stronger, which was really easy because I knew the bar the guys wanted to go to would suck, and where I was taking the girls would be awesome. So we all ended up going to my club, and as promised, it kicked ass.

As for the girls, I think that I did a lot of things right, but ultimately it wasn’t meant to be. The girl I liked shied away from all physical contact, and when I escalated a final time she just bounced. I pretty much ran things as best I know how, there was nothing I could have done better, so it is what it is. I also think that the other girl liked me and maybe that’s part of the reason the friend wouldn’t go with me.

After leaving them I danced on a table, which is like fishing for girls. Three minutes later a beautiful blonde girl started dancing next to me. We were just having a blast. Singing at each other, dancing as much as one can while standing on top of a table, and yelling out songs to all the bitches below us. After she left I returned to the club I started in, did one dance floor approach, then went home. Last night I was out solo, and I find it significantly harder to open when I’m out alone. So this is obviously a weak point in my game that needs improving. That being said, two months ago when just starting, I would do one or two sets solo and feel great. The last two nights I did ten combined sets solo. It’s not 10x levels yet, but it is showing improvement.


-I’m starting to move girls more, that’s good! Keep it up and practice doing it as much as possible.
-I’d like to talk to more guys. I want to be a social dude, not just a pickup bloke.
-I can have an awesome night without a drop of alcohol, and I’m really happy about that.
-Three weeks left to crush it in New York!
-I’m quite a bit better at reading girls and what they’re feeling.
-Dominant physicality is not always the answer. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood cavemanning, or I just don’t calibrate it well.