A couple of things that I want to jot down here. Two nights ago a very attractive girl came up to me while I was dancing and just stared at me. Then she went back to the guy she was with. Then a few minutes later she came back and just sort of stood there right in front of me, looking at me unexpectedly. This caught me totally off guard and didn’t know what to make of it. Never seen that type of thing before. Last night I was dancing at the club and a girl came up and started dancing with me. We had a good time, it was a sick club. I went there with another guy and we initially got rejected at the door. Unlike a lot of other people, we took this well and casually walked away. We got fifteen feet away, a bouncer came running after us and told us to come back in. Never get pissy because you get denied from a club, it makes you look like a five year old.

Earlier last night I spent nearly an hour talking to a girl named Dawn. However, the set sort of fizzled towards the end. I didn’t go for the kiss, or escalate enough, or move her. Last week I was cave-manning for kisses and none of them worked out. So now I’m chilling a bit on that and it’s not working out either. There’s got to be some sweet spot here that I’m missing. Last night was awesome though. Even at 2:30 I was still going strong, I had energy. I approached maybe half a dozen sets, I lost track. It felt so easy and seamless. It’s to the point where my brain is shutting the fuck up. Sets are hooking, girls are interested in talking to me, and it’s enjoyable. Now I need to step it up so that I’m getting more makeouts and generating more attraction.

My approaches are about 400% more solid than they used to be. I’m looking forward to growing even more as I start doing a lot more sets every night.


-Learning how to have fun in a bar setting is big. Mostly, for me, it’s just getting into sets and talking to girls. That’s interesting. Being a wallflower isn’t.
-Where is the sweet spot for going for the kiss. That spot between being an uncouth caveman and so suave that you don’t take the risk and just do it?
-My sets are starting to hook, and I’m staying in for a lot longer.
-I’m finding it easier to free associate and continue speaking. I’m not brilliant at it, but a lot better than I was.