For my field reports I’m going to start breaking them into what I did well and what needs work. Maybe not every report, but I think this format has some merit. So let’s do it!

What I did well

I approached a lot of sets. I burned the club to the ground. I cheated though and had some beers. Those, combined with momentum, made it easy to approach set after set. At one point some guys with a bottle of Goose said they’d give me shots if I could get some girls to come over. I approached six sets and asked them to come over for shots. Here’s what was interesting though. I did it from a very logical, very “guy” type of frame. I would walk up and say “Hey my friends have some Goose, come over and do some shots”. I failed to make it interesting, make it exciting, or build any rapport. As a result I was turned down every single time. If I was going to do this again I would build rapport for a minute or two, then do a smoother job of selling it. That as an interesting lesson.

The other good was that I got a makeout because of leading. I talked to this girl for a few minutes, then pulled her downstairs where we could hear each other better. Instant spike in attraction as soon as I started leading her, it was actually really cool to see. So that was a big lesson in leading and the power of, cemented by the positive spike of an emotion. Now, this transitions nicely into the next section.

What needs work

I open this girl, pull her downstairs, we makeout, and a few minutes later I say the exact same thing that I opened her with. Has anyone ever done this? I blame beer and just not thinking. I try to reframe it as her letting me drink too much and it’s her issue, but it doesn’t really happen. She giggles a bit and I get her number, but I blew the whole thing. Kind of a funny way to blow it though, and I didn’t dwell on it as I just approached another ten sets after she left.

So yeah, this really isn’t something that I would do sober. Beer gave me the fuel to approach 15 or 20 sets, and also the power to blow the best set of the night. Funny stuff.


-Approaching was so easy and thoughtless after a few beers, why oh why can’t my brain be like that sober?
-Gaming on alcohol is interesting, but I actually like the challenge of doing it sober more. The state achieved while sober is more awesome.
-Guy logic in a club doesn’t work so well. I learned that last night.
-Moving chicks is amazing! I’m plan on doing it more and more. Even if I get rejected a lot, I’m going to start moving most sets I open.
-Crush it as a lifestyle.