I used to actually be scared to do dance floor approaches. That’s laughable now! Last night I did perhaps half a dozen, and ended up dancing with two girls. Obviously some girls didn’t dance with me too. A few theories. When taking a girls hand, I want to grab it with more pressure and confidence. Now I’m doing a limp fish grab which is weak. Next, I want to come in with more confidence. Finally, and perhaps most important, I need to do the approach as soon as the girl is there. Dancing next to her for five minutes then doing an open is no good.

Also, I’m going to master the spin that ends with the girls arm around me. I’ll literally practice with my wingman first (as soon as he isn’t sick!!), everyone in the club will think we’re gay, and then I’ll go do it on a girl and we’ll makeout.

I’ll say that I’ve noticed a shift in myself. Subtle, but there. As if I’ve internalized all my experiences from the last 60 nights out and gotten better at game on a deeper level. Maybe only a little bit better, but it feels solid and real. Consistently better, not conditional. Maybe that’s the best way to put it. I believe that in the coming months I’m going to reach the point where I’m getting makeouts every night and several pulls a month. If not a pull every week. I don’t know how long it will take, but as I continue to go out every night, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say I’ll be at that level in six months from now.

As for last night, it was amazing. The vibe at the club was out of this world. The DJ was crushing it, 90% of the people in the club were having a blast, it was awesome. Nearly 4 hours passed like a 30 minute episode of a TV show. I especially enjoyed it because at the beginning of the night I was in shit state. Tired, hungover, sick-ish, 100% low vibration. I wanted to go home, chug Nyquil and sleep for 12 hours. I just kept telling myself, you will have fun! Daily consistency adds up to big results. And so on. And I was right, it was a great night and I had fun. Now, to refine the spin move, and as usual, work on staying in set longer.


-In the last month, there’s been 4 days where I’ve felt totally healthy. Going out is killing me, and making my life amazing. That’s called a paradox.
-Dance floor game isn’t that hard.
-If you go out a lot, not only do you learn from doing, but you can gain a bit of knowledge by watching confident guys and how they interact with women.
-My living situation is shit right now. Can’t wait till it’s better. It’s no longer the hour train ride, I use that to crush audio-books, but it’s my FUCKING ROOMMATE who always encourages me to not go out and to come home and not pimp it. I loathe having her influence on me.
-I’m willing to put in the time it takes to get really good at this.
-Girls are not an enemy to be conquered. They’re cute things that are fun to hang out with.