Dream big, dream really fucking big.¬†Unfortunately the process is slowed down for a day or two. I’ve gotten a bit sick. My voice is shot and my sinuses are more messed up than Iraq’s political system. I blame it on yelling in the club and abusing my body with a weird sleep schedule. I hope to be back again in a day or two. Meantime I’m obviously not stopping, momentum must be kept up!

Yesterday around 6 I went to an Irish bar. Approach two girls and ask them a question. It falls flat, and reminds me why opening with a statement is so much more powerful. I go to the Brass Monkey, top floor. Walk around for a second. See three girls talking. I’m nervous and I don’t want to open them. I open them. It goes like shit, after twenty seconds only one of them is talking to me, and after thirty seconds her friends drag her away. All this happens in front of a bouncer who I see about four times a week. He’s got to believe that I’m some sort of nut case. I go to the Biergarten, walk up to some girls and say “High five for America’s birthday!” Then I bounce. I talk to some guys on the street, and tell a guy on the subway I like his tattoo. Also, I sit next to a girl on the subway and instantly notice she wants me to open her. Like I said, my ability to read body language has increased by several hundred percent in the last month. Sadly I didn’t open that girl and I regret it to this day.


-Momentum is glorious and makes all things easier.
-Where can I find a mentor to help me take my game to the next level?
-Blowing out my voice has forced me to put a laser focus on projection, which is really brilliant.
-Opening with a question is like asking your neighbor to babysit your pet lion with rabies. It doesn’t work very well.