Here’s a quote I like…

“Truth is like poetry, and most people fucking hate poetry.”

I’m not a negative person or someone who believes the world is shit, but I do find that quote to be spot on. Some notes from last night. I went out with two guys. I gave one guy an opener and sent him into a set. Then five minutes later I went in to wing him and used the same opener on a the other girl. She called me out on that and the set went weird. Lesson learned.

A question I have for myself is how can I unlock that fun, party vibe even when I’m not into it? Some nights it comes, some nights it doesn’t come.┬áLike last night.

I opened about 8 sets and they all went pretty well. By the end of it though I hardly felt anything. Sort of like a blob. I’m sick, but I don’t think that should stop me from getting into state. I’m slowly finding out that I need to adjust. As I’ve said, it used to be that just approaching got me into state. Now I can do 8 approaches and it’s not such a big deal. So the question is, what’s next? What can I do now that I AM SCARED OF, that will take my game to the next level? I think some answers include saying funny, crazy shit, moving girls, being more physical, and so on. I wish I had some professional advice and mentoring, but I think I can figure it out if I have enough time.

Going out is second nature. Doing approaches is becoming automatic. Now, how can I start getting the results I want? I want to be getting makeouts, I want to easily be able to dance with girls and have fun with them on the dance floor. How can I get there?


-8 solid approaches last night, no state. Approaching is more or less in my comfort zone. What can I do now that’s out of my comfort zone?
-Fear is a great thing, it always tells you what you need to do. Scared of something, it gives you butterflies? Do that!
-My wingman takes more risks than me and gets good results from it. I can learn a lot from him.
-Being sick sucks! No excuse not to go out, but it does detract from the fun.
-I LOVE NYC. I can’t think of a better place in the world to learn game.
-My boss has a Ferarri. I think I may be happier than him. Money doesn’t buy you a healthy state of mind.