I’m coughing so hard in the mornings that I’m almost puking. It’s great. I figure that if I can get myself to go out now, doing it when healthy is going to be a breeze. I also figure that I may be making myself more sick by going out to clubs right now, but fuck it. In a week when this is all over, all I’m going to remember is that I will have been going out straight for close to 45 days.

Last night Pianos was quiet. My roommate opened a girl with a hat on and I talked to her friend. Best part of the night right here. About 15 seconds in I saw this one chance where I could have instantly started making out with her. But by the time I saw this chance it was already too late. The set fizzled and that was that. Too bad. Something I need to work on. I opened a couple of other sets, had some fun, enjoyed myself. Then took the train home and passed out. Being sick sucks, sure, but it’s giving me a chance to prove to myself how bad I want this. No excuses. Data seems to indicate that if I go out every night, I’ll get laid with a new girl once every three weeks. I’ll take that number, for now. But as always, I want to shorten it. Better sets and more of them. Progress!


-The instant make out. Saw it too late last night, need to try and go for it next time.
-Opening sets is the easy part.
-The hotter the girl, the more likely I am to run out of things to say. That’s annoying.
-80% of the time going out is a lot of fun! I’m starting to look forward to it all day long.