I’m bouncing out of sets with very attractive girls for no reason. I suppose I feel like there’s no way they’re going to like me, so I bounce. Experience is showing me I’m wrong though. The last two times I’ve ejected from a set where the girl was an 8 or a 9, I’ve noticed that they haven’t seem relieved, they’ve been like why is he going? Which would suggest I’m doing something right. So I need to be staying in these sets till the girls tell me to leave.

Yesterday was Cielo, which meant lots of dancing. Warmed up at Biergarten first. Walk in and open a set with a very cute girl. Bounce early, see above. Then I send my wing man into a set. He comes back, I see a three set. I hesitate, I don’t want to do it. brain acting up. It says don’t try, no point. I say suck a cock and do it. Goes like shit. I can’t control that though, I can only control the fact that I approached.

At Cielo I talk to a cool lady about her daughter who works at YouTube, and after the club I open a cute Asian girl on the street and she literally runs away.

Mostly, I just want to be done being sick. I can’t go anywhere near full out, otherwise I feel like shit the next day. This blows. Can’t wait to be healthy and going crazy again. Either way though, I’ve set up a date with the girl I hooked up with last weekend. We’re going to hang out this Sunday, which means I’m getting laid regardless of how the approaches go.


-Stay in set with cute girls. Find shit to say, even if it’s logical.
-I like the fear, because it gives me a chance to overcome it.
-If you need to drink to make stuff happen, stop it. You should be able to game sober.
-I can’t wait to get really fucking good at this! At the same time, I’m also enjoying the hell out of my time gaming right now.