Last night I talked to girls about lamps, tables, and fire alarms. Those went over ok, but I had the most success with phone cases. Funniest shit I was saying, and now I know that no matter what, I can always talk about phone cases if I’m tongue tied.

Crazy set last night. My wingman opens two girls and starts talking about lamps. He gets blown out, comes to me, and says¬†Now YOU open and talk about lamps. I’m thinking, FUCK. THIS. SHIT. There’s approximately a 0% chance of this set going good, I’m going to look like an idiot, and lots of other things. I bitched, moaned, acted like a two year old, then did it. And it went better than I thought. I free associated from lamps, to technology, to mirrors, to slaves, to shitty beer, to Mexico, to Russia, then I stalled. Completely ran out and ejected. That was five minutes of carrying a set that was doomed from the start. My wingman was left wondering how I came up with shit to say, which is his biggest sticking point. I say, fuck it! Really not that hard. And it’s not, until I get in a set of cute girls. Once I open up 8s, my brain dries up like the Sahara desert. That’s my sticking point.

In all last night we approached about 15 or 20 sets. Fucking killing it! Nothing stuck but it was still a wicked fun night. We ended at a club in Meatpacking, partying hard, dancing on couches, the only two sober people in the whole club. Got home as it was getting light outside.


-Free associating is fun and easy. There’s never an excuse to not have something to say.
-I grabbed a girl last night, spun her, looked at her, and she said she had a boyfriend. I said he’s not as cool as me.¬†She laughed and laughed, and was like yeahhhhh.
-For me, state is having control over my emotions and feeling good regardless of the external circumstances.
-I did three approaches within 5 minutes of getting into the bar last night. This is definitely the best possible way to start the night.
-I don’t get tired when I approach throughout the night.
-Literally cannot fucking wait to not be hacking up my lungs all the time.