The most significant thing I did yesterday was reach out, get the attention of a girl, and grab her hand to get her to dance with me. She declined. I felt amazing. For some reason I have this weird mental fear of dance floor game. Totally irrational. I’ll walk up to a three set in a well lit venue where everyone can see me like it’s nothing. But reaching out to get a girl to dance with me, I’d rather swim with sharks. So that’s just what I have to keep doing. My new goal is to do one dance floor approach every night. After a month that will be 30 dance floor approaches and I’ll be better at it. I sort of realized last night that one of the reasons I’m so scared to do it is that I’m nervous to look like a total retard and be judged. Well, get over it, because I am a total retard at it. Only one way to learn though.

Four or five sets in total last night, nothing memorable apart from that dance floor approach. That spiked my state and made me feel like a boss. Good times. About 40 nights out in a row by now. Game kicks ass!


-One dance floor approach a night, and in a month I’ll have done 30 approaches. Lets do this!
-Shitty eye contact last night. Don’t know why? My body is weird.
-I’m in this for the long haul. I’m thinking in terms of months and years, not days or weeks.
-New York has so many cool clubs!
-I want to focus on getting into state without any music. Mostly that just means doing a bunch of approaches.