Did some pretty baller stuff last night. I was out in LES solo. Approached a few girls, didn’t really see much so I left the bar to hit the sidewalk. Saw a girl pulling the classic I’m waiting for an Uber stance. Walk up to her, can see that it’s on, makeout within a minute. Ask her about her night, what she’s doing now. She says whatever but the way she phrases her words and the way she looks at me, I know that she wants me to stay with her.

So her Uber pulls up, I open the door for her, she gets in and I get in after her. We have not spoken a word about this, I just did it. Inside, see that she’s understandably a bit nervous so I tell a story. She relaxes, we have a fun ride, get to Greenpoint where she lives. She says I can come upstairs. Unfortunately, as we’re sneaking in there, smack in the middle of the living room is her roommate with a guy. Being cool, the cool says,

“I don’t think she I know you. My name’s John.”

Stands up and shakes my hand. The girls are fucking dying from laughter at the absurdity of this situation. My girl is embarrassed, takes us outside and I never convince her that going back to her bedroom is the best life course. She says to take her number, says we should meet up this weekend when her roommate isn’t around. We makeout and I leave.


*I was able to do all this because she wasn’t that cute. I gave zero fucks and felt fully entitled to act in any way I saw fit. If I could just carry this level of indifference and ballsy behavior to all girls I think that I would do very well for myself. This is a really interesting idea because I don’t think entitlement is as set as we think. I think the bigger issue for me is that I don’t really feel like a boss in NYC right now. I’m not spending money because I’m saving, I live in a shitty part of town and I’m working a job that less rewarding than washing dishes. Why the fuck should I feel entitled to the hottest women? On the other hand, some guys have it way worse and bang all sorts of girls. This whole thing is a bit of a mindfuck and something that I think about daily.

*Currently, my biggest sticking point: I need to close harder. That’s it. Staying in set and pushing to get the girl back to my place, asking multiple times, trying in multiple ways and not giving up. At this point this is more important than my eye contact, making out, dealing with friends, approaching, staying in set, fucking whatever else. I’ve got all of that handled to a good level, failing to be a hard closer is my number one sticking point right now. Which leads me to..

*My natural buddy who sleeps with an ungodly number of girls. He has massive holes in his game, he admits that he’s prone to running out of things to say and other seemingly beginner issues. But he succeeds because he does three things extremely well. He approaches everything, he gets physical almost immediately and he closes like a motherfucker. His game is to walk up to a girl, say whatever, go for the makeout then invite her to the after party at his place. It’s unreal how many women he sleeps with and when I compare my game to his, the biggest difference I see is that he’s always fucking closing, and I’m not.